Taygan Courtney

Occupational Therapist

Taygan Courtney Taygan has over 12 years of experience working in South Africa with children with specific learning disabilities and sensory integrative disorders. She studied in South Africa and recently moved to Australia to further her skills and provide a much needed service to the community. Taygan has a masters degree in early childhood intervention and is passionate about providing a holistic experience for the child and their family. Taygan has worked in schools and private practice and has participated in many outreach programmes and training of parents, teachers and other professionals about OT and the best way to incorporate therapy into a lifestyle. She has attended many training workshops to further her knowledge and training and continues to do so in order to keep up with the latest research. Taygan is also trained in Hippotherapy which is the use of horses in therapy. Her goal in therapy is to use a child's strengths to overcome their weaknesses and support the family in a journey that will change their lives for the better. She believes that a collaborative approach is the key to success.




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