Waiting to see a Speech Pathologist?

How can I help my child’s talking?

The Speech Pathologists at AAK have lots of excellent skills with helping children with the speech sounds, language and communication and interaction skills. But you might need to go on a waiting list before you can talk to one!

It can be hard to wait, but here is something you can try before you see the SLP.

Repeat back what your child said, but emphasize the correct sound or language. You emphasize the sound or word you want your child to change.

Don’t ask your child to repeat back or copy. This strategy is to emphasize the right pronunciation in every day talking in a positive way. It is important to keep up self-esteem and confidence when speaking so give this a go.

For example:

Child: “Daddy, I left it in the tar

Daddy: “In the Car, let’s go and look in the Car”.


Child: “My want it”

Mummy: “I want it too. I can see you are sad and you said I want it”


Good Luck and let us know how this strategy worked when we meet you at the first appointment

Debbie the SLP

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possible support for your family.

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