What do I need for Telehealth?

Telehealth is new to all of us who live close to services. Here at All About Kids we have been getting a crash course in delivering great therapy online. We have been researching, listening, practicing and developing all of the techniques, tools, and confidence to deliver counselling and therapy to our clients of all ages. 

If you are a little older and are recieving mental health support, telehealth is super easy. You can see and chat to your psychologist or counsellor pretty easily on your laptop, ipad or phone. We have tools to be able to share tip sheets, and a whiteboard tool to make notes or draw ideas while you watch, and the ability for you to do the same. 

If you a little younger, we have been putting together some interactive games, and therapy tools to make your session fun and meaningful. Some of you will need your Mum, Dad or Carer to help. They will also learn some great tips to carry on with after the session. Mums and Dads have the easy option of being together, even in 2 locations, to talk to your therapist. Pick up great parenting tips to support your children.

I have attached a simple Tip sheet to check out prior to going online. TIPS

Tips for Telehealth at home


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