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This is the page for forms, questionnaires, surveys, clinic and professional policies we adhere to in order to provide you with professional and 'best practice' therapy to meet your needs. 

QLD Wooloowin, Strathpine and Springwood Initial Visit Forms. Please complete them prior to attending.


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Policy basics

Working with children

The Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 (the Act) and the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Regulation 2011 require regulated organisations and businesses to develop and implement a child and youth risk-management strategy which aims to keep children and young people safe. Please find the link to our policy Here >>



At All About Kids we value your privacy. We recognise that confidentiality between a young person and their treating clinician is essential in order for treatment to be successful. Therefore, all of our clinicians maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Information disclosed during therapy sessions will only be shared if permission is granted by the client, or in circumstances related to duty of care and legal obligation. While the clinician will always encourage their client to talk with their parent, confidentiality will only be breached when safety is a risk.

For our young clients, parental consent is required for assessments, therapy and sharing information to other therapists, teacher or guidance officer. You are to provide evidence of parenting orders to help you with your legal requirements. If you have medicare referral however, your clinician is obliged to provide information pertaining to diagnosis and treatment to your referring GP or paediatrician.


Assessment and Therapeutic Reports

All About Kids is a counselling and therapeutic intervention clinic. Clinicians conduct clinical, educational and developmental assessments and provide intervention accordingly. All About Kids clinicians are able to provide assessment and therapy reports as requested by clients for a range of requirements, including providing information to schools, medical practitioners, parents and other therapists. Clinicians are also available for teleconferencing or school visits in order to share or discuss pertinent information and intervention strategies. An appropriate fee may be charged for the provision of such services.


Court Reports

The clinic does not routinely conduct family assessments or provide court reports for the Family Court of Australia or other family dispute matters. The clinicians within the practice are not registered court reporters. We do however, have a number of psychologists to whom we refer our clients for such assessments and reports.


Cancellation Policy

Our sessions are 50 minutes in duration. If appointments are not attended, we are unable to fill the session times with other clients on our wait list. Therefore we have a Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy. 


Complaints - Suggestions - Compliments

If you have any queries, concerns, suggestions or compliments about your service there are a number of ways of providing feedback, or to receive support for a concern. Please contact the clinic directly with any difficulties so that we can address these as soon as possible. Our aim is that you receive a service which follows best practice for your family. You can also complete the Compliments & Complaints Forms below or email us (Contact Us page) with an other complaints, suggestions or compliments. 

Compliments & Complaints Form

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