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Are you a parent or carer?

Most of us who are parents feel confident supporting our children most of the time.

But there are times when we need some additional support, from general information about parent issues, to more specific information about learning difficulties, behaviour challenges, developmental queries, anxiety or worry, or dealing with the social aspects of our child's lives.

All About Kids offers a unique environment for supporting parents across a wide range of topics. All About Kids clinicians have professional and personal experience with children and families and each of us has our own specialty areas of expertise, interests and professional experience. As a group our passion for supporting parents means All About Kids has a broad range of professional knowledge and intervention options for supporting learning new strategies and achieving success with your children. 

We offer straight forward advice and confirmation for families who experience separation and divorce, who seek to understand how to help their children through this emotionally driven time of change. Our psychologists offer support for parents as individuals or couples during separation or emotionally difficult relationships.

Who do you talk to during those ‘interesting’ and oftentimes difficult teenage years. Alongside our teen counselling support and therapy, our psychologists are able to offer you emotional support and psycho-education around teen’s education, social and relationship experiences.

All About Kids psychologists, counsellors and speech language therapists are available to discuss, assess, and provide intervention for learning difficulties, early literacy acquisition and those children who may have dyslexia. We are also able to discuss adult assessments for learning difficulties and support you seeking to understand your abilities and talents.

Group programs for parents are offered including behaviour and parenting workshops and parent groups which teach parents how to support their anxious child.

Parent Talks are available on a range of topics for your childcare, school, or workplace. Resilience, learning difficulties, school readiness, social skill development, behaviour and parenting or a topic of specific interest are available.

Working together to provide the best
possible support for your family.

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